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BioClair Digestive Enzymes Bottle

The goal of BioClair is to deliver effective natural Non-GMO products to the market, with each of our products designed to relieve and reduce suffering and to enhance the body’s own healing capabilities.

Goal to deliver effective natural Non-GMO products

Why choose BioCLair

About BioClair Natural Products


Our goal is to bring effective natural products to the market to help relieve and reduce suffering.

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BioClair Research


In 2012, it became clear that these digestive enzymes could help many more people.

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BioClair Standards


Our ingredients are put together to make the best, safest formulas to reduce suffering.

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Jill's Testimonial

Jill shares how BioClair Digestive Enzymes help her food allergies, food sensitivities and hypoglycemia. It helps stabilize her blood sugar levels and mood.

Kelly's Testimonial

Kelly shares how BioClair Digestive Enzymes help her bloating and digestive discomforts. Her memory, focus, and energy levels have also improved since taking the enzymes.

BioClair Digestive Enzymes have been very helpful. I unfortunately have issues when digesting dairy products. I have tried taking lactose pills, which are supposed to help with digestion but never do. BioClair Digestive Enzymes are almost instantaneous with its relief. If I know I'm about to eat a meal that contains dairy, I take a few enzymes and it's as if I never had any dietary issues. If I've eaten something that has dairy, my stomach will hurt almost immediately. But if I take a few enzymes, the pain relief is very fast and really does help with the indigestion. BioClair Digestive Enzymes are great anytime you are having digestion issues. I recommend this product to anyone who has dietary issues as it is fast-acting and really works.

Marie, a first year university student
June 27, 2017

My personal experience with BioClair Digestive Enzymes has been over the top.  From time to time, I have experienced that incredible heart burn symptom at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning, waking me up where I can’t sleep.  Heading straight towards my bathroom, I grab the BioClair Digestive Enzymes bottle and I take 3 capsules.  Within 20 to 30 minutes the pain is gone and I am able to fall back asleep again. I do not leave home without it.  I even keep a bottle in my car.  I give it to my friends, which has saved many evenings which otherwise would have ended earlier.  Thank you BioClair. 

Christopher, an entrepreneur
October 4, 2017