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Adding Cream to Your Coffee

As we are still going through an education process together and trying to understand how the BioClair Digestive Enzymes work, I--being my own guinea pig and having the ability to discern/intuit myself--discerned that when I drink black coffee, it does not trigger my pancreas to release any insulin.  However, when I add cream to my coffee, it causes that drink to have a positive charge, which triggers my pancreas to release insulin.  If I were to add cream and white sugar to my coffee, it would also cause my pancreas to release insulin.  So, one day, I decided to take two enzymes before taking my coffee with cream.  An hour later, I discerned that my pancreas did not release insulin.  I was not surprised.  

I know there is more for us to learn about this topic.  We have held onto the incorrect understanding that it's good for our pancreas to release insulin.  Now, it is good that your pancreas has the ability to release insulin, but it is not good when it actually does release insulin.  In every case, when your pancreas releases insulin, your pancreas is acting in defence mode.  I have also discerned that the more one's pancreas releases insulin, the faster one will age.  Seniors who age quickly do so because their pancreas is releasing insulin too frequently.  We will talk about this more later.