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Alcohol and Hangovers

Based on my scientific gift of intuition, I have learned that when people have severe hangovers, it is at this time that they are at great risk of destroying brain cells.  Also, the pancreas is overproducing insulin.  This is extremely unhealthy for the body.  I have also learned that when one takes four BioClair Digestive Enzymes capsules during the hangover experience, it quickly reduces the hangover feeling, usually within 30 minutes, and it stops the pancreas from producing insulin.  

Metaphorically speaking, I am now going to throw a big boulder in the pond.  In science, the best scientific advancements happen after the boulder has hit the water.  Here we go.  The truth is:  when you are eating correctly, your pancreas does not release insulin.  If it does, it is a sign that your digestive system is going through stress.  When this happens too frequently, it may lead to diabetes and it will cause one to age quicker over time.  I have tested the enzymes on myself personally, as I can intuit myself and know when my pancreas is releasing insulin.  The enzymes stop my pancreas from releasing insulin when I have put cream in my coffee, which I really shouldn’t do. 

So, what I’m trying to say to you is, try the enzymes.  Be smart.  Protect your health and your family’s health. Science will validate the truth that we speak of one day. 

When you purchase the enzymes, you enable us to create new products to help so many of you who suffer.  Stop looking at the price.  Look at the formulation and ingredients of substance.  You get what you pay for.

For those who suffer with wheat allergies, by 5:00 pm today, we will complete a formulation/supplement that will allow you to once again eat wheat without fear.  The more you tell people about our products, the faster we can get more products out on the market.  Our main goal is to reduce suffering.