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Benefits Connected to Your Pancreas

If you've read my previous health notes, you know that the release of insulin by your pancreas is a sign that your pancreas and your physical body are going through stress. Just discerned, please see the five reasons why taking our BioClair Digestive Enzymes are extremely beneficial regarding your pancreas, weight, heart, sight, and ability to concentrate and process information.*

1. BioClair Digestive Enzymes take the load off the pancreas, minimizing the release of insulin, by breaking down carbs/sugars. We have discovered that if one is trying to lose weight and the pancreas is releasing insulin, one will not be able to lose weight.

2. If the pancreas releases insulin, the body stores any starch consumed as fat. Starch converts to sugar which is then stored as fat.

3. When the pancreas releases insulin, it causes the body to retain water. Too much sugar in the body causes the body to retain extra water.

4. When the body releases insulin, it may cause you not to focus well, not to process information well, and it puts stress on the heart, which becomes a contributing factor towards environmental heart disease. It is all connected to the breakdown of sugars.

5. When the body releases insulin, it may lead to the development of cataracts in your eyes.

These are the five newly discovered benefits as of today why you should be taking BioClair Digestive Enzymes. Live your life this year based on: you get what you pay for. Invest in your health this year and invest with us so that we can bring you and seven billion people plus technologies that will help make it easier for so many. Join us on and I will explain in greater detail the cutting-edge science that is ahead of our time behind these five points. Let your friends and family members know about these benefits, including people that you work with.

*The above is assuming you are generally healthy and not pre-disposed to any genetic disease.