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Cooking Tips to Preserve Enzymes in Food

Just a minor tip today:  over-boiling your food destroys the integrity of the enzymes in the food.  You are much better off to steam your veggies.  

Microwaving food should be avoided at all cost.  Microwaves behave similarly to gamma rays, which are the number one causal factor to damage cells, causing them to release neutrinos into the body, and activating cancer in healthy cells.  Please stay away from microwave cooking.  Let your restaurants know that your food is not to be microwaved when you place your order.

Deep-frying food kills enzymes in food.  Not to mention, many people who eat deep-fried foods are also consuming rancid fat from the fryer.  The number one leading cause for environmentally-triggered clogged arteries is the consumption of these harmful fats.  The harmful fats oxidize in your body, forming yocto sugar particles that stick to your arteries, forming a buildup of plaque.  

So, if you are in a situation where you have overcooked veggies, deep-fried food, or even taking coffee with cream (which is not compatible with our body chemistry), take two BioClair Digestive Enzymes before you consume the food.  This will really help you.  They continue to work in your system for up to four hours.

After dictating this message, I was informed that this was not a minor tip lol.  I responded that I could always give you a twenty-page document to post lol!  Who's got time to read a twenty-page document today anyways lol?