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True Joy Chemical Reaction

Did you know that when you experience true joy, right at that moment, your body activates a vitamin, a mineral and an enzyme?  Right away.  So, this is really wonderful.  Vitamin C is activated in the heart, on a yocto level, which helps to purify the heart and remove toxins from your heart.  Then, nickel is activated on a yocto level in the heart, which helps to break down plaque lining the arteries.  And finally, the enzyme pepsinogen is released by the stomach.  Pepsinogen is a precursor to pepsin, which helps to break down protein, among other functions.  It is safe to say that true joy will help to give you a healthier heart and a healthier stomach.  So, wherever you are--with your family, driving on the roads, at a music concert, receiving gifts, having a nice meal--go all the way and let that joy come into your body.  It doesn't cost you anything.  Have a great day.


PS  People who experience chronic joy have a better digestive system.  When someone is laughing really hard and holding their stomach, right at that moment, pepsinogen is being released, giving that feeling of joy in the stomach.