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Introducing BioClair Digestive Enzymes - Vista Magazine Article

Bryan is excited to bring awareness to his trademark Digestive Enzyme BioClair, which offers unique, effective formulations to “reduce suffering, save lives, and reduce rising government healthcare costs.”

Besides the enzymes, Bryan is always working on initiatives to support overall well being and is proud to share his forward-thinking inventions with his listeners. Read on to get a glimpse into the healthy future he envisions including a new term of measurement that you may not have heard of yet: YOCTO.

Bryan’s thoughts on the positive and negative charges in foods that impact out health:

All foods and drugs that we consume should be creating a negative chemical energetic charge on a yocto level; a level that is far less than sub-atomic. That’s why I’ve developed and fully patented a positive/charge test and a chemical sensitivity test to show which consumables are healthy for us and which ones are not.

Once these tests have been validated, I believe they will become standard safety tests for the food and drug industry. I even believe that governments worldwide, when approving foods and drugs for human consumption, will place a huge emphasis on foods and drugs having a negative chemical energetic charge. But as of today, science is not up to speed on yocto technology.

Bryan’s thoughts on tests for cancer detection:

Another yocto technology that I have developed and patented is a 15-second urine cancer strip test that I intend to clinically test next year. This test detects the five specific gases present in the urine, on a yocto level, of someone who has any type of cancer in their body. Besides screening for cancer, this test can be used by oncologists to see if cancer treatments are actually working for their patients. If the treatment is working, those five gases will not be present in the urine. I have also been helping Professor Mike Thompson at the University of Toronto complete his ovarian cancer serum test.


Scientific researcher, inventor, alternative healer, and radio host, Bryan Farnum talks cutting-edge research on his show Clarity Radio. 

Vista Magazine Issue No. 116, pages 60-61    |   Vista Magazine

Introducing BioClair Digestive Enzymes