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Ovarian Cancer & Depression

I am moving forward with various scientific research projects and cutting edge technologies to eventually help many worldwide. One of our projects that is dear to my heart is to help women combat ovarian cancer. There are at least 19 different types of ovarian cancer, which also include cancer of the fallopian tubes. As many know, when ovarian cancer is detected beyond Stage 2, the survival rate is slim.

I am assisting Prof. Michael Thompson at University of Toronto to develop the last 20% of an early detection blood serum test for ovarian cancer. On my own, I have developed a separate early detection urine ovarian cancer test. I have also developed a positive/negative chemical charge test which can detect the chemical charge of human urine on a yocto level. This is significant because, if the urine has a positive charge, it confirms that, somewhere in the body, there is active cancer. Cancer is the only disease that turns the urine from a health negative charge to a disease positive charge on a yocto level. In addition, I know that one day this test will serve to show if a person’s cancer treatment is actually working. These project are moving relatively slowly, as it is very difficult to find and/or set up proper clinical trials to receive urine and/or blood for testing to confirm that the test will work. We are hoping in the near future that our projects will move much quicker by way of public support.

In the meantime, all women need to know that it is not possible for one to get cancer if one does not have mental depression. It is absolutely not possible. And 90% of the women who read this article will feel that this is true. So, it is important for women to focus on their mental health and go on a path to get this healed. This can be done by going on a spiritual journey, which requires women to think outside the box and consider other possibilities. For example, certain types of energies can be transferred from other people to bring disease into the body by manipulating genes and stem cells. What I’m really trying to say: for women or anybody to beat cancer, you have to beat mental depression or any other type of depression that may be emotionally and/or physically driven.

Today, women have to come together with one voice and make demands that cancer research is truly supported by those who have the influence. If you do not do this, it may be your loss or a loss to someone close to you. We need your help. Listen to me on as I speak on different health issues.


Vista Magazine Issue No. 117 March/April 2018, page 62   |  Vista Magazine


Ovarian Cancer & Depression